Cup Cup

Regolamento del torneo

Official Tournament Rules

Your squad's overall rating must be 86 or lower as shown in game at the start of the match
Your squad can include up to a maximum of 3 ICONs total, including your bench
You cannot have a player with an overall rating above 86 on your bench
All players on your squad, including your bench, must have an overall rating of at least 75 each
Training items are strictly prohibited
Loan Players are strictly prohibited.
FIFA 20 Pro Player Cards are strictly prohibited.

All matches will be played on private servers.
All matches, will be played in one round during Round Robin
3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for defeat
All matches, will be played in two rounds during Playoffs
In case of tie in the two matches, there will be extra time and then penalties.